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Jelly Bean Trucks Entice Kids to Read Australian Childrens Story Books as They Drive Through Aussie Neighbourhoods

Tue, 11 Dec 2012 02:04:34 EST

NEW SOUTH WALES, Australia December, 2012 – Little boys and girls usually play with toy trucks, letting their imagination bring the toys to life. But how much fun would it be if that toy they are playing with suddenly comes to life? This is the theme of the Bertybutton Kids children's truck storybooks that children are reading today, which are inspired from a real life fleet of trucks with jellybean designs on them driving around the city.  Seeing their favourite characters coming to life tweaks kids' interest, inspiring them to get to know these characters better and encouraging them to read all about the adventures of the jellybean trucks – good news for both Aussie kids and parents.

Australian literacy levels are dropping. According to a study using the Adult Literacy and Lifeskills (ALL) data, almost half of Australians have problems with literacy*.  Since learning usually starts at home, it is vital that the next generation of Australians learn to appreciate reading at an early age. According to education experts, education and learning should not be limited to the time spent at school because students spend just a few hours learning in class, and the rest is usually spent at home. Learning is an endless process and should be embraced fully as a part of life and not just a chore that kids 'have' to do – and this can be facilitated by parents encouraging children to read – and providing them with positive books for children to read, too.

According to Marina Bertolino, the brains behind Berty Button Kids, 'Since 2007, there has been incredible advancement of technology with the launch of Kindle and other tablet reading devices, such as iPads and iPhones. All these devices facilitate children being able to access and read storybooks via e-versions as well as paperback versions and that's why we offer the truck storybooks for children in both forms.'

With these choices made available, young Aussies won't be able to use the 'no time or place' excuses since they can access it anytime, anywhere. Whether they are just lounging around their homes, sitting in front of a computer or at the park; with books available in paperback, e-versions, and as mobile applications, they can start reading at the touch of a button or screen – and they might even see one of the real jelly bean trucks driving past as they're reading – that would be a huge thrill.

The Bertybutton Kids Australian children's storybook series is passionate about increasing Aussie kids' attention span for reading and improving literacy levels nation-wide, and already there has been overwhelming demand for the literary treats. At the West Australian Children's week the jelly bean trucks made an appearance and parents and kids put a whopping 600 books on pre-order there and then, because they realised the value in harnessing the interest of young readers. The Australian kids storybooks – a series of books based on a real life jelly bean trucks – are now available online at Get a copy today.

Source: WebWire

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