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Brisbane Hair Loss Clinic Delivers the Best Hair Loss Treatment Results with Scope Sessions

Mon, 10 Dec 2012 20:36:58 EST

BRISBANE, Australia December, 2012 – Everyone wants to look good. Some may deny this; but it is human nature for people to want to look their best and maintain their youthful appearance. Unfortunately, losing hair is a fact of life for many Australians – one that can damage confidence and cause untold stress. However, Carolyn Evans, I.A.T. Certified Trichologist and owner of Brisbane hair health clinic Absolique Hair Health Clinic, says it doesn't always have to be the case.

At Carolyn's Brisbane hair health clinic she offers 'Scope Sessions', where customers' scalps are analysed to check the health of their hair and scalps and used to uncover how to stop hair loss for that individual. Carolyn explains, 'Scope Sessions are a series of scalp level images taken at 50-60x magnification in up to 50 specific locations on the scalp with a highly magnified lens attached to a video microscope, which we also use for hair loss and scalp condition diagnosis. Hair bulbs are also analysed with 150x magnification to check for hair cycle problems, hair shaft defects and body disturbances.'

'It takes 3 months for changes to cells at the hair bulb to show on the surface of the scalp as a growing hair. The growing hair shows if the body has had disturbances which have affected hair growth,' Carolyn continues.

This is a very powerful tool for a Trichologist or Hair Specialist as it helps them to identify and address individual hair loss and hair growth problems, usually related to body health, and identify the best hair loss treatment for the individual. Hair experts can view the entire hair shaft – the length of hair coming from the scalp – and identify past body disturbance that has affected proper hair growth and caused hair breakage or problems with hair texture including frizzy hair, wiry hair, hard to manage hair and hair colour problems.

Carolyn adds, 'Scope Sessions are valuable to measure results especially in the early stages of hair loss treatment as you may not see the new growth visually for up to 3 months. Only with magnification of the scalp can you assess the progression of the hair loss treatment. Scope Sessions show precisely where your hair is at now, which quantifies results or regression of your hair loss or scalp condition.'

'Scope Sessions are also very helpful to document where your hair is at today, especially if you have hair loss in your family or past hair loss history. By documenting the hair at scalp level today, you are ensuring a reliable source to compare to in the future to ensure the stability of your hair growth, hair loss or scalp condition. You could compare this technology to that of 'MoleScan' or other 'Skin Specialist' equipment and programs that capture images of skin growths or moles to compare for changes in years to come,' the Brisbane certified trichologist says.

For more information on Scope Sessions and other services that this Brisbane hair health clinic offers, visit

Source: WebWire

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