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Wild Pink Piggy Running Loose in Homes Is a Parents Nightmare

Wed, 5 Dec 2012 00:30:35 EST

A wild, pink pig was unleashed today in homes around the country where kids are learning Spanish. Or trying to. Let parents beware.

Yésica Piggy is either one of the most helpful learning tools that Max T. Russell uses, or she is one of the biggest distractions in his online lessons for homes and schools.

"I know she means well," said the language teacher, "but I think she may end up being a terrible influence on children. That's a shame because she's a nice piggy, and she does make an effort to help. Well, I mean sometimes."

Max T., one of the twins who formed Max and Max Spanish in 2005 (the other is Max S.), met Yésica in an upscale used clothing store near Indianapolis. "I'm not sure what I was looking for, but I clearly remember what I found. I saw a pink pig hanging by her ear on an accessories rack."

Russell said he probably should have left her there, but she became so popular after he turned the stuffed animal into a puppet, that he couldn't abandon her. Russell said she might be homeless without him. 'She has mean eyes,' he said, 'depending on how you look at them or how she looks at you.'

"People get to know her pretty fast. She's kind of arrogant for a pig, overconfident, volatile, overly happy, she likes to throw things, sometimes she spits in my ear, she's very loving, and she likes to learn Spanish—sometimes.'

Yésica Piggy was born in Belize, Central America and speaks Pig Latin and some Spanish. She has thrown saucers, cups, spoons, stuffed animals, and many other learning tools.
The pig will appear in a new Max and Max Spanish series of short videos. They are posted each weekday on their Facebook Page and YouTube Channel. These videos are meant to warm young children's heart up to learn new languages.

Source: WebWire

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