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New Book Says Internet Killed World Economy & Job Market

Thu, 23 Feb 2012 17:39:53 EST

BEVERLY HILLS, CA (February 22, 2012) - Award winning journalist Bob Brill is releasing his new and controversial book as a Kindle Exclusive. 'NO BARRIER: How the Internet Destroyed the World Economy' looks at the devastation the Internet has left in the job market world wide on its way to becoming the New Frontier.
  'The Internet has destroyed the old business model we've come to rely upon and eliminated businesses while becoming the most powerful tool the world has ever known,' said Brill. 'For all the good it has done the Web has touched every life in a negative way as well, whether we want to believe it or not.'
  'NO BARRIER' is forwarded by noted economist Dr. Pamela Falk and contains comments from top leaders of the past 20 years to every day business people whose careers have been eliminated never to return. Brill not only looks at where we've been but where we are going and in the simplest of terms how the United Nations is grappling with it.
  'Free speech must be protected and the Internet has a key role in that,' said Brill. 'However, the greed driving the Internet must somehow be narrowed and if that means there must be rules we had better get them in place.'
  Available through Amazon's Kindle program or as a download for only $2.99, 'NO BARRIER' is sure to cause excited chatting from both sides. One of the chapters deals with 'How would the founding fathers handle the Internet?'
  Bob Brill is a news anchor at a major Los Angeles radio station and has been a journalist for over 40 years. He has received numerous honors including a prestigious Edward R. Murrow Award. The former UPI Radio Network Bureau Chief based in L-A he is well rounded on many subjects from politics to Hollywood and sports. He is the author of several books and screenplays. He is also a sports memorabilia expert and publisher of the former 'The Brill Report,' a respected publication.
  Bob can be reached at 805-660-9166, or at The book may ordered via Amazon or by going to His websites include,

Source: WebWire

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