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Keep Fit And Live Longer, Says Diet Chef

Fri, 23 Nov 2012 11:17:47 EST

Keeping fit through physical activity is said to help delaying aging effects and increase quality of life. According to recent US studies it can potentially prolong one's lifetime.
At little more exercise in our spare time could work as a natural anti-aging measure. It could even prolong our lives for some additional years. Researchers from the US National Institute of Health (NIH) have now released current study results that link physical activity and mortality rates.  According to the studies with a small effort of 2, 5 hours per week people could expect life expectancy up to 3, 4 years. The NIH therefore suggests adults between 18 and 64 should engage in either moderate weekly exercise of 2, 5 hours or 1, 25 hours of more intense work out. Moderate means that while running one should be still able to speak however singing should be a struggle. Failing to speak could be seen as an indicator for the intensity being too high.
Steven Moore and his colleagues from the National Cancer Institute, a part of the NIH, compared data of 650.00 people from the age of 40 and over. The results showed that life expectancy rose up to 3, 4 with all candidates that followed the institute's advice.
Sports- ambitious participants that worked out twice as much could prolong their lives even up to 4, 2 years. Even those who were only half as active as the suggested average could extend their lives significantly at least for up to 1, 8 years after all. Importantly, regular physical activity affects both sexes equally positive.
According to Moore an increase in physical activity can thus extend ones live with one's body weight and also some moderate overweight not necessarily playing the key element. However being overweight is one of the main reasons for reduced live expectancy costing affected people 5 to 7 years of their lives. Consequently, getting active could be one measure to act compensatory.
Caron Leckie, nutritionist at Diet Chef the UK's leading home delivered diet company, comments 'The benefits of exercise are endless – from stress reliever, lowering blood pressure and giving you an extra boost. Also as exercising need not be a chore. It's surprising how easily one can increase daily activity into a busy lifestyle'.
At Diet Chef, customers are encouraged to try and add some physical activity to their daily lives. Although it is not an essential part of the plan customers learn how housework as well taking the stairs can make a difference and even burn calories along the way at a minimum effort. Once people start to stick to choosing to walk to work or getting a bus station off earlier or leave the lift aside they regular movement begins to become part of their normal routine.
- ENDS -
Diet Chef carefully counts the calories of all meals so dieters on the plan will be averaging less than 1,200 calories per day. The daily menu allows you to get delicious home delivered food , as well as offering a tasty and varied, healthy balanced plan encouraging dieters to lose weight at a healthy pace.
Those on the diet looking to check their own progress can do so using the weight loss calculator as well as sharing their weight loss success stories via the website or Diet Chef social media channels.
Visit the website:
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Name: Diet Chef Three Sixty Communications
Telephone: 0207 580 8360

Source: WebWire

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