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Two Greenest Data Center Initiatives in Norway Merge as Nydro AS'

Mon, 19 Nov 2012 18:51:35 EST

RJUKAN VALLEY, TELEMARK, NORWAY (Nov. 19, 2012) – Rjukan Mountain Hall AS (RMH) and Rjukan Technology Center AS (RTC), today announced their merger as a new company – Nydro AS – which will create one of the largest, greenest, and most cutting-edge data center initiatives in Europe. It also heralds the future of Norway as Europe's technology leader as well as showcasing the benefits of public-private partnerships.

The new company intends to help some of the world's leading information age brands manage their data in an affordable, green and reliable setting. Nydro – whose name is a combination of 'new' and 'hydro' – is planning a new data center that will comprise several sites in more than 250,000 m2 of building area and Mountain Halls regulated for data center development throughout the Rjukan Valley. Key features include the location's ideal environmental conditions, access to technology hubs and airports, access to vast amounts of reliable, locally produced green energy, and connection to a power grid that has a 10 year, 100-percent uptime record.

Nydro has already successfully brought some of the largest tech companies in the world to visit the Rjukan Valley. Rachel Petersen, Data Center Site Selection Manager for Facebook, said, 'Telemark and Rjukan are attractive within the global market for unique server park locations. The most notable features include a robust, redundant electrical grid, inexpensive and green hydro power energy, and an ideal climate for data center cooling. Norway is a politically and economically stable nation that is well suited for data centers.'

Nydro represents both Norwegian governmental interests, as well as Norwegian and American private entities. The partners in Nydro, described below, maintain significant expertise in data center design and construction, real estate entitlements and development, as well as energy management and distribution:

  • Rjukan Technology Center AS – a Norwegian company (AS) with the aim of establishing world class data centers; is made up of Alfa Tech Consulting Enterprises, Troon Pacific LLC, Lyra Invest AS, and Vedal AS which all together bring global data center and property development experience to the company.
  • Rjukan Mountain Hall AS – a subsidiary of Tinn Energi AS, the regional power provider, fully owned by Tinn Municipality. RMH's objective is to develop and operate world class data center services with a focus on large scale operations and sustainability.

Nydro's founders are very pleased to have recieved acceptance of board positions from the following individuals: Thomas Luras, Jesper Jeppesen, Herman Skougaard, and Jan Erik Korssjøen.

'The Rjukan Valley is long known as the birthplace of Norway's hydro power revolution which, combined with Norway's unique northern climate, healthy economy and stable political landscape, makes it an optimal location to locate next-generation data centers,' said Steinar Bergsland, Mayor of Tinn Municipality. 'This is a win-win for everyone and points to the future of our region as the leader for Norway and one for Europe.'

'A century ago, the Rjukan Valley was the home of energy-intensive industry. Now, using the same resources that built this valley, we once again have an opportunity to become home to the energy-intensive industry of the future: data management,' says Gregory R. Malin, Chairman of Rjukan Technology Center. 'Rjukan is truly the needle in the haystack; and it is this unique site that has brought these public and private entities together.'

'The Rjukan Valley, because of its ideal natural conditions, holes enormous promise for future technology tenants. First, we have access to vast and green hydro-power resources. Second, this Valley is attached to the most reliable power grid in the nation which offers terawatt hours of reliable local power production – and eliminates the waste in long-distance energy transmission. And third, the cool, stable climate allows for free (or affordable) air equipment cooling,' said Andres Sætre, CEO of Tinn Energi AS.

'We look forward to making the Rjukan Valley the European hub for smart and green data management,' Mr. Sætre said.

More information on Nydro AS and its founding partners can be found at: or by contacting Gregory R. Malin at

Source: WebWire

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