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Haworth Attracted Many Visitors to the Orgatec 2012 Booth with the Slogan Think / See / Do / Connect

Mon, 5 Nov 2012 10:45:32 EST

The presentation of different collaborative work settings held great appeal for the crowds.

Orgatec 2012, the international trade fair for office furniture, ran from October 23rd to 27th in Cologne, Germany. A vast number of guests to the fair made a visit to Haworth's 800m2 booth to experience practical applications of innovative office solutions that support the Think / See / Do / Connect behaviours. Haworth presented solutions to create motivating work settings that promote interaction between people. This in turn positively affects their company's business performance.

Haworth's stand was designed in cooperation with the well-known Italian design studio, Laviani ( ).

'From day one our booth was well-attended by national as well as international visitors with tremendous spikes in visitors on Wednesday and Thursday. We had a huge amount of customers and dealers from non-exhibiting manufacturers, so we are very satisfied with the course of the trade fair. Our booth acted as a stage to demonstrate application-oriented work settings, to deepen our connection with our dealers and to make appointments with important end customers. The number of quality contacts we could connect with at Orgatec underlines our success. With subjects like acoustics and lighting, Orgatec has developed from a product focussed exhibition to a performance show oriented on topics', says Henning Figge, Vice President and General Manager Haworth Europe.

In order to show a variety of collaborative work settings, Haworth designed the booth as a business community, comprised of three 'neighbourhoods':

-Project Work – Focus on 'Do' (tactical execution) and 'See' (show, present, review)
-Team Work and Social Interaction – Focus on 'Connect' (share information) and 'See'
-Learning and Hospitality – Focus on 'Think' (develop ideas) and 'Connect'

Each workspace setting reflects the activities, use of technology, and behaviour of those who interact with their surroundings and their co-workers.

Collaboration can happen in many ways. Individuals as well as groups can collaborate. However, typically four elements impact the success of our collaboration:

-Work Settings – Design is influenced by behaviours, activities, and technology.
-Behaviour – Whether we would prefer to perform our tasks working individually or in a group.
-Activities – The types of tasks we undertake.
-Technology – How we use technology and whether it will aid us in accomplishing our task.

Haworth combines global knowledge and research to create interiors that change based on organisational needs over time. Its organic workspace approach is a dynamic process that continues to evolve while focusing on integration, adaptability, and sustainability.
Trade fair highlights of Haworth at Orgatec 2012


Enhances users' ability to view and connect

With technology playing an ever increasing role in workspaces, Haworth introduced workware at Orgatec 2012 which sparked a great deal of interest.


Effective recovery in power nap capsule

Haworth joined designer Marie-Virginie Berbet to present CalmSpace, a stand alone, 'plug & play' power nap capsule for the office, at Orgatec 2012. A lot of visitors were inspired by this innovation for the office.

Find out more about workware and CalmSpace in the right margin.

Source: WebWire

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