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Take your training to a whole new level with a Shaolin House wooden dummy

Thu, 1 Nov 2012 10:52:27 EST

Wing Chun wooden dummies are the perfect training tools for people who participate in martial arts. These dummies help fighters maintain proper body positioning and can also help increase hand speed. Wing Chun dummies also provide a realistic fighting experience while training.

There are many different models of training dummies on the market. Popular styles include wall mounted, frame mounted and freestanding. These dummies come with adjustable arms and legs for an additional training advantage. Certain models also feature special arms to help fighters with their trapping techniques. All dummies are constructed with the use of the finest timbers and are finished with beautiful lacquer stains.

In addition to training dummies, fighters may also wish to purchase a Wing Chun training DVD to improve their technique. These DVDs also include information on how to properly train with the wooden dummies. The Muk Yan Jongs DVD, in particular, provides many steps on how to effectively train.

Purchasing a Wing Chun dummy is one of the wisest investments a fighter can make. Whether a person needs a kung fu dummy, karate dummy or tae kwon do dummy, these training aids are able to benefit fighters who participate in all disciplines of martial arts. Wing Chun dummies are able to take fighters to a whole new level.

Source: WebWire

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