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Garmin Edge 800 Reviews Now Online

Tue, 30 Oct 2012 12:37:21 EST

With the recent release of the Garmin Edge 800, a state-of-the-art bike GPS navigation system, searches for reviews of this product are trending upward.  Naturally, before spending several hundred dollars on a consumer electronic, prospective buyers want to make sure they will be happy with their purchase and are getting good value for their money.  Unfortunately, many online reviews are fake.  Buyers want real reviews so they can make informed decisions, not contrived reviews that serve no other purpose but to make an affiliate sale. 

The site was launched with the consumer in mind.  The reviews found there are real and authentic, which enables buyers to make more informed decisions.  'Being big fans of the Garmin GPS series, we wanted to create a site that celebrated the release of the new Edge 800, but at the same time provide valuable reviews to help the customer,' says CFO Jeff Engalls.  Engalls added: 'Many times consumers are duped into buying products based on fake reviews from affiliate marketers.  Our goal was to make an information-based site to better educate buyers.' 

Interestingly, provides reviews of competitor's products as well. 'Any review based site worth its salt will always give the customer more buying options,' explained Engalls. 'If another product, other than the Edge 800, will better fit the customer's needs, whether it's because of price or performance, then we want to give them that option,' he continued.  It is this unique business model that Engalls hopes will separate from the competition. 'Could we make a few more bucks pushing just our products?  In the short run, absolutely.  But in the long run, the best business model is over-delivering and building trust,' Engalls said. 

The new site is definitely off to a good start.  'We're getting floods of new traffic every day,' gushed Engalls.  It just goes to show that sometimes the best business model is good old-fashioned honesty.  To read real reviews on the new Garmin Edge 800, you can check it out at

Source: WebWire

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