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Set Your Own Price for Online Tax Preparation at

Thu, 1 Mar 2012 14:26:38 EST

Kaysville, Utah, March 1, 2012 — Not all professional tax services are created equal.  The new book '5 ½ Reasons you LOSE MONEY preparing your own taxes' explains that the average tax payer often benefits from hiring a competent tax professional, but finding a professional who will provide exceptional service at the most affordable price can be challenging.
Enter, a new service where consumers have their taxes done professionally, from anywhere—auction style.  It's a fresh approach to getting the best professional tax help available, at a price that's determined BY YOU.
Tax preparers at big-box chains make money by up-selling the consumer with upgraded service plans and incorporating various filing fees.  You often pay extra for services that are generally expected from a professional tax preparer.  It might be called a 'Quality Assurance Plan' where the consumer must pay the preparer extra money to ensure the work was done accurately, in case of an audit later on down the road.
With, you pay one price after you've had a chance to review a summary of the tax preparation results.  The new auction format eliminates the hassle of scheduling tax appointments and sitting down with someone in-person.
'The entire process can literally be done from your phone or laptop while you're on the beach,' said Staci Kinshella, MyTaxAuction Product Manager.   'No one else is doing this.'
Since the website is vastly different from anything offered by big-box tax chains and traditional tax software, the company encourages consumers to try the service for free.  Consumers can complete a tax profile in 5 to 15 clicks, depending on their tax situation, and start their auction in 2 minutes or less.  The service is supported by a congregation of authorized tax professionals who review tax profiles submitted by the consumer.
'The tax professionals who are standing behind My Tax Auction actually use certified software that is created by a company called RedGear Technologies,' Kinshella said.  The consumer has complete control of their tax destiny by determining their own price and choosing their preferred prepare.  Plus, allows for secure data transfer and communication during the entire transaction.  The consumer and tax professional always stay in touch.
Visit the site and browse the professionals at  Consumers can read customer reviews, verify specific certifications, experience and expertise, and read about the background of each professional standing behind  Several tax professionals with have over 30 years of experience getting tax payers the most from their tax returns.  Let one of those professionals help you get more money back from your return in 2012.
To learn more, visit, or connect with them on Facebook,, for more information.
About RedGear Technologies:
RedGear has developed professional income tax software for 39 years, serving thousands of tax professionals who prepare and electronically file millions of individual and business returns nationwide.

Source: WebWire

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