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Wayra Announces its First Global Demo Day for the Investor Community in The United States

Wed, 24 Oct 2012 11:21:19 EST

- On the 12th of December, it will carry out its first international 'Demo Day' in Miami, where it will present a selection of accelerated companies to the American investor community.
- 17 startups will come from eleven countries to pitch in their projects, expansion plans and investment opportunities in different areas of digital businesses.
- The event, which will take place within the framework of the Americas Venture Capital Conference (AVCC), is supported by the Florida International University (FIU) and The LAB Miami.

MADRID, - Wayra, Telefónica Digital's global startup accelerator, announced its first international 'Demo Day', which will take place on the 12th of December in Miami, USA. During this event, it will present a selection of the startups that have been accelerated this year at its twelve centres in Latin America and Europe to the American investor community, taking part in the Americas Venture Capital Conference(AVCC).

The portfolio of companies that will participate in this first 'Global demoDay 2012' maintains a careful balance in terms of maturity and development of the products, geographical diversity, market size and business areas. The startups will present innovative proposals in response to current business problems and opportunities in areas such as Cloud Computing, Video, HTML5, Financial Services, Mobile Applications, e-Health and Security, among others.

Gonzalo Martín-Villa, CEO of Wayra Global, said that this event 'Marks the start of a new phase for Wayra in which we aim to show off the hard work of the entrepreneurs in developing their ideas and the results of the acceleration model that Wayra has put them through over recent months. It is also a faithful reflection of our original commitment as an accelerator, to showcase the enterprising talent that exists in Latin America and Europe and facilitate every possible space so that they can capture opportunities for growth on a global scale'.

'The LAB Miami', a co-working space in the emerging tech and arts district of Wynwood, will be the venue for this forum, which will bring together the 17 startups and over a hundred risk capital investors, angels and entrepreneurs from the American ecosystem.

The interest of the investment funds in expanding markets in Latin America, together with the innovative potential of Europe, make this an excellent opportunity to bring together startups and capital networks in the United States. The Wayra Global demoDay 2012 will also be the meeting point for the Amerigo international funds network, launched by Telefónica in recent months.

This event is the start of a series of forums that Wayra will convene over the course of the coming year in order to show the potential of its accelerated companies in Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Germany, Ireland, Mexico, Peru, Spain, the United Kingdom and Venezuela. There are currently over 170 startups that Wayra has helped to grow, impacting the development of thousands of entrepreneurs and making a valuable contribution to the creation of sources of technological employment in the countries in which it operates.


AATAG - WAYRA BRAZIL (São Paulo Academy)

aaTAG is a network which turns the exchange of personal information into an easy, safe and enjoyable experience. aaTAG is a bridge between the online and offline worlds, making physical objects 'clickable' just as if they were on a browser.

AGENT PIGGY - WAYRA CHILE (Santiago Academy)

AgentPiggy is the first web platform that enables parents to educate their children in finances (lending, donating, saving, investing) through captivating online experiments.


Akdemia is an online service that improves school management and the modernisation of information and communication in schools. It offers practical tools for the management of evaluations and marks, communications to teachers, parents and students, the scheduling of activities and automated billing, among others.

BEVELITY - WAYRA SPAIN (Barcelona Academy)

Bevelity brings true 3D scenes to the browser, enabling users to interact with them in real time. Without waiting, without renders. Its native output in HTML5 permits its insertion in any application or web service.


BragBet is a social sports betting network. This enables groups of friends or work colleagues to decide which events they would like to bet on. BragBet aims to become the world leader in social gaming.


ClearKarma helps consumers to take responsible decisions in food shopping. Its mobile application enables its users to examine the information published by food producers.


Cleverlize helps teachers and educators to build and sell mobile e-Learning applications. By means of the use of its cloud-based platform, over 80 million teachers around the world can create personalised webs and native apps for iOS, Android or HTML5 from already-existing learning materials.


Cloud66 is an infrastructure maintenance services provider in the cloud. Its platform acts like an 'App Store' for the administrators of systems and DevOps, facilitating the management of servers and enabling developers to deploy their applications in companies with large infrastructures.

COGNICOR - WAYRA SPAIN (Barcelona Academy)

Automated complaint resolution service for service companies which minimises the need for human intervention. Using the CogniCor service, simple complaints are resolved automatically based on what has been learnt from previous resolutions, while those which require further attention can be resolved through its assisted negotiation software.


Coquétame offers a free 'personal shopper' service. Thanks to its technology, the user can select the clothes that go together best and which are in fashion. This service is initially integrated into the stores of the brands, and later in the Coquétame marketplace itself.

INVOOST - WAYRA SPAIN (Madrid Academy)

Invoost is a share buying and selling game in which the users compete in tournaments using virtual money which can be converted into chances to make real money.


Kubo Financiero is an online market that enables its users to lend money and make investments. Its platform analyses the credit risk of each profile and makes their funding requests public so that lenders can offer their money.

MACHINA - WAYRA MEXICO (Mexico City Academy)

Machina is a brand of men's clothing based on a simple concept: portable technology seeking a balance between the rebellious, innovative, masculine and irreverent. Machina creates clothes and accessories that incorporate devices of the latest technology in their designs.

PAPAYA - WAYRA PERU (Lima Academy)

A web platform which offers audiovisual contents and services. These services include information, cinemas, films, television series, actors, directors, the sale of cinema tickets online and the digital distribution of contents on demand via mobile devices.


PositiveID is an identity verification network backed by major companies. The PositiveID service offers security and confidence to clients and organisations during their daily interactions.

QUOLAW - WAYRA ARGENTINA (Buenos Aires Academy)

Quolaw offers a legal tool in the cloud that helps lawyers to do their work in a secure and efficient manner. Quolaw offers a simple, easy tool which will enable law firms to increase their efficiency and the handling of information.

TEDCAS - WAYRA SPAIN (Madrid Academy)

TedCas develops the most advanced natural interfaces for medical assistance. By means of the use of Microsoft Kinect, TedCas's technology enables doctors and nurses to access digital information remotely and in a totally aseptic manner, using only gestures.


Wayra is an initiative of Telefónica Digital whose main aim is to promote innovation and the detection of new talents in Latin America and Europe in the field of the Internet and the new Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs). By means of its global project acceleration model, it supports entrepreneurs in their development, providing them with the technological tools, qualified mentors, a cutting-edge work space and the funding necessary to accelerate their growth.

With presence in eleven countries (Germany, Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Spain, Ireland, Mexico, Peru, the United Kingdom and Venezuela), Wayra has received over thirteen thousand proposals for new digital businesses, making it the largest technological talent spotting platform in the ICT world. Its academies in Bogotá, Mexico City, Lima, Buenos Aires, Madrid, Barcelona, London, Sao Paulo, Dublin and Munich are currently home to over one hundred and seventy startups going through the acceleration process.

Source: WebWire

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