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With Treatments Available at American Longevity Center, Sex Now Gets Better with Age

Tue, 6 Mar 2012 12:41:43 EST

(MIAMI, FL) – According to a new female sexual health study, the clichéd image of the old married couple exchanging a platonic kiss and settling down in separate beds can now officially be debunked. Published in The American Journal of Medicine and conducted by The University of California-San Diego School of Medicine, the study investigated the sex lives of women with an average age of 67. Results indicate that almost two thirds of the women were satisfied with their sex lives. Though some of these women indicated satisfaction derived merely from touching and being intimate with their partner, almost 70% of women were able to experience arousal and sexual climax most of the time.

Thanks to studies like this one, the myth of people retiring from the bedroom around the same time they retire from their job is finally disappearing.  Though it's common for people of both genders to suffer a decline in sex drive as they age, advancements in hormone replacement therapy allow couples to return to the levels of lovemaking they engaged in during younger days – only now with the benefit of additional experience.
The majority of age related sexual issues – including diminished libido, low sex drive or desire, and performance or arousal problems in both sexes – are caused by hormonal imbalance. As our bodies age, they naturally cut hormone production, even though it's not necessarily medically beneficial.

At cutting-edge clinics like the American Longevity Center, patients' hormone levels are restored to a healthy balance through hormone replacement therapy. This eliminates many of the issues faced during aging, including those related to sexual health. Once symptoms caused by menopause or low testosterone are addressed through hormone replacement, couples are able to resume a healthy, vigorous sex life that, as evidenced by the new study, is even better than before.

As people begin to address their age related health concerns at clinics like American Longevity Center, studies like the University of California-San Diego's will become more common. A society which encourages the sensible management of aging through technology is one where 50% of women in their 80s are able to achieve sexual climax regularly, and where a majority of women report that their sex life have gotten better as they age.  

There's no longer any reason to accept a diminished libido or an unsatisfactory sex life as just a regular part of getting older. The results are out and it's clear: sex is like wine, it improves with age. If you've been feeling like that certain something's been lacking lately, don't blame it on nature and exile yourself to a separate bed. Call the American Longevity Center today and regain your great sex life.

To learn more about Hormone Replacement Therapy and sexual health, visit American Longevity Center online at

About American Longevity Center:
American Longevity Center is an advanced medical facility that treats and prevents the signs and symptoms associated with aging and hormone imbalances. American Longevity Center offers hormone replacement therapy and advanced healthy aging medicine for men and women who want to look and feel their best as they age. Their medical facilities offer physician prescribed and monitored treatment programs that incorporate the latest breakthroughs in anti-aging therapies including Human Growth Hormone and Testosterone replacement treatments. 

The most highly trained physicians are available for consultations and treatment at ALC.  Their doctors are nationally recognized experts in the field of anti-aging medicine and are Board Certified from the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine.

Please visit their website for a complete list of our healthy aging and functional medicine specialties.

Source: WebWire

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