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Flightworld American Express targets business travel health, safety and security management

Mon, 27 Feb 2012 11:07:16 EST

The growing volume of business travelers with some form of business travel or work in remote locations of the world requires some more serious thought and a proactive policy for ensuring their safety. This will be the thrust of the message at an event to be organised by the Novotel Langley and Flightworld. The event, will be held at the Novotel Perth Langley on 12th March 2012, with corporate leaders, featuring famed photojournalist Nigel Brennan and travel risk management expert Tony Ridley.

In 2008 Nigel was ambushed in Somalia whilst on a work assignment and was held hostage for 462 days. He survived to tell his story and his is a dramatic example of how work-related travel can go awfully wrong and why it is important that companies implement travel risk management strategies.

Tony has been involved with routine and emergency crisis/risk management operations of every kind of across the globe and is a leading international authority on business travel health, safety and security. His first-hand accounts and insights will demonstrate to business travel planners plausible events and situations in which they and their business travelers need to be prepared in advance. Bad things happen to good people all the time. Find out how.

"Business travel remains a competitive advantage" says Tony. "It is therefore incredible to believe that so few businesses understand the very simple requirements to make their business travel more profitable, efficient and safer. The negative results of being poorly prepared are not limited to financial impacts but that of legal, brand, reputation, business continuity and human capital reductions. Businesses of any size can achieve excellent results in this area but most are looking at it entirely the wrong way" according to Tony Ridley.
Michael Deering, Managing Director of Flightworld American Express, a WA-based travel company, said,' Travel has always been a vital part of international business but it also involves people traveling to all types of locations and undertaking different tasks, some less risky, some considerably more. In this respect travel safety has to be considered at all stages of a trip. Nigel's experience and Tony's expertise will leave a significant impression on those who are in one way or another responsible for the welfare of travellers.  We are proud to be collaborating with Accor in raising the awareness of issues that relate to the safety and security corporate travellers.'
Travel risk management requires more than the basic provision of insurance coverage. Preventative measures, supported by technology and training, offer a more comprehensive approach towards the protection of a company's most precious asset, its people. It is common sense that an employee who feels secure is more likely to be more productive but its realisation is only possible with travel service providers who share the same values.

Source: WebWire

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