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Free Video Presentation Reveals The Truth About Certain Exercises For Love Handles

Sat, 3 Mar 2012 07:00:00 EST

Jared DiCarmine, a personal fitness trainer located outside of New York City has just put up a brand new video presentation detailing numerous reasons why people fail time and time again in regard to losing their love handles. He specifically touches upon the notion that one can do numerous exercises for love handles and that alone, will help that person shrink away their stubborn fat deposits located around the waist-line.

He too struggled with this problem in the past and was able to lose his love handles just from utilizing certain exercise techniques. And this he wanted to touch upon as well in the presentation.

The whole focus of his teachings is the how performing hundreds to possibly thousands of crunches and sit-ups for days, weeks, months, and years on end can leads to lower back problems because of the immense amount of sheering pressure placed on the lumbar discs. Many believe that doing such exercises contribute to a tighter and firmer stomach, however, according to DiCarmine, it is false information.

According to the presentation, the best abdominal exercises to flatten and firm up one's stomach muscles are planks and any other variation of this specific exercise. The reason why planks are in such good favor is because they tighten up and work the deep, inner-layers of the abdominal wall such as the transverse abdominus and internal oblique's. According to Jared, these muscles actually act as a girdle to pull the stomach muscles in, while simultaneously protecting and strengthening the lower back muscles. This is something that cannot happen with regular crunches and sit-ups.

DiCarmine has spent years developing these techniques and learning what really works when it relates to someone trying to lose their stubborn love handles. For example, another technique he demonstrates in the free video presentation is the tricking of the body in order to burn more body fat for up to 36 hours after one finishes his or her exercise routine for the day.

In order to access this free video presentation, one just  needs to head over to to gather all of this information and much more. 

Source: WebWire

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Allstate Insurance- Jerry McCullers

As a Personal Financial Representative in Anniston, I know many local families and can help with all of your insurance needs. Call me at 256-237-1100.

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