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Claritics Launches New Analytics Tools for Social and Mobile App Developers

Thu, 23 Feb 2012 08:00:00 EST

Mountain View, CA – February 23, 2012 – Claritics (, the leading User Intelligence solution for social and mobile app developers, today announced the availability of Claritics 2.0, representing a major set of feature upgrades and new analytics tools to help app developers optimize acquisition, engagement and monetization campaigns. Coming out of beta, Claritics now includes all new, more powerful cohort analysis, user segmentation, and custom event tools that significantly simplify the analytics process while providing a more granular level of reporting and insights.
'We believe that analytics should be simple yet powerful, and that it shouldn't require a ton of development resources to get up and running,' said Jay Bala, co-founder and CTO of Claritics. 'The latest version of our analytics platform was designed to allow developers to instrument their apps in less than half an hour and start receiving analytics right away. Nearly all of the KPIs and reports developers need are available right 'out of the box,' and anything else they need can be built quickly and easily by anyone within their organizations.' 
For app developers, instrumenting and configuring an analytics package is often a painstaking and time-consuming process – one made even worse by the rigid event frameworks of most analytics tools. Claritics ships with the industry's largest assortment of pre-defined user segments, cohort groups, and in-app events so that developers can get access to domain-specific analytics and reports from day one.
Claritics 2.0 provides social and mobile app developers with automated tracking of cohorts and user segments based on a variety of factors, which could include game activities, referrer, location, age, gender, country and more. This approach allows app developers to easily segment their audiences and gain visibility into how different user groups engage within their apps and respond to various triggers and game mechanics. Game marketers can use these insights to optimize their acquisition channels and target users with the most effective offers and content that lead to increased engagement and revenues.
'We've been very impressed with Claritics and how easy it is to conduct advanced analytics involving cohorts and user segmentation,' said Markus Weichselbaum, founder and CEO of TheBroth. 'With the launch of Claritics 2.0, they've made it even easier to dig deep into our users' behavioral data to truly understand the dials and levers that affect engagement and monetization, so that we can get to actionable insights more quickly and make faster improvements to our games.'
Claritics 2.0 includes new features such as:

  • Cohorts Drilldown: Developers can easily analyze multiple, pre-defined cohort groups  (1 day, 2 day, 3 day, 7 day, 30 day, 60 day and 90 day) to see which groups show higher rates of return and engagement. This feature supports the ability to further filter and analyze data based on age, gender, country and the channel through which the users were acquired in order to optimize marketing spend and acquisition campaigns.
  • Custom Events: Developers can create any number of custom events to track specific gaming activities and interaction mechanics that are unique to their games. Tracking user activity trends around these custom events with deeper demographic drilldowns provides developers with actionable insights into what works and what needs to change every time new features are introduced to their games.
  • Improved User Interface: The company's updated visualization interface features an easy-to-use dashboard and interactive charts that allow developers to drill-down into more granular levels of data. The interface also includes advanced cohort analysis and custom event reporting capabilities that help game publishers visually analyze behavioral trends over time.
  • Top N or Bottom N Drilldown: With this feature, developers can now drilldown from metrics like DAU, New Users, ARPU, K-Factor, Virtual Coins Spent, etc. to quickly find out the Top N or Bottom N demographic combinations that have contributed to each metric. This is in addition to the ability to drilldown individually by age, gender and country attributes across these metrics.
  • Cross-Platform Integration: Developers with games across multiple channels or platforms (social, mobile, online) can log onto a single dashboard to analyze user behavior from across all of their games.

Claritics is immediately available for application developers on Facebook, Android, iOS, HTML5 and other social and mobile platforms. The company offers a free, 30-day trial for all analytics packages, with pricing plans starting at $500 per month afterwards. To instrument their applications and begin receiving analytics reports today, developers can sign up at
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About Claritics
Claritics is the leading User Intelligence platform that improves user acquisition, engagement and monetization campaigns for social and mobile application developers. Claritics uses data-rich analytics to help its customers gain immediate, actionable insights into user behavior. The company's cloud-based analytics platform can be implemented with little to no IT resources and delivers easy-to-understand, pre-packaged, domain specific reports that can also be customized in order to suit any customer's needs. Headquartered in Mountain View, California, the company works with popular app developers including TheBroth, Gamester and many others, tracking more than 20 million active users each month. Claritics is venture-capital backed and led by a seasoned management team with deep expertise in social media marketing and big data analytics. For more information, visit
Claritics and the Claritics logo are trademarks or registered trademarks of Claritics, Inc. All third party logos and trademarks mentioned are the property of their respective owners.
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Matt McAllister                                                                       Rachel White
Fluid PR                                                                                  Claritics
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Source: WebWire

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