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Business Coach for Women Reveals Secrets to Higher Purpose Business

Tue, 19 Jun 2012 20:24:37 EST

SYDNEY, Australia June, 2012 – Aussie business owners, especially female entrepreneurs, are in search of a work-life balance and a 'Higher Purpose Business'. A Higher Purpose Business is a business which works for the owners, rather than them working for it, and also allows for the business owner to align their values with what they do.

'The secret to being inspired by your business and by what it does is very personal,' says David Solomon, owner of business coaching business Quiddity. 'It's all about designing and building a 'Higher Purpose Business' where success is defined by your  values, your financial and lifestyle goals and aspirations, rather than what society says they should be.

'Within this context work stops being 'work' and becomes simply the way you want to spend your time. Speak to many successful entrepreneurs and they will tell you they get great enjoyment from what they do and that they don't view it as work.'

Owner of a boutique serviced office and virtual office business operating in Sydney, Michelle is one busy female entrepreneur. One day, Michelle woke up and realised that she was totally burnt out and she had lost the passion that she once had for her business. She identified that she needed to revitalise her business, get energy back into it, and change her management style. That's why Michelle turned to David Solomon.

David Solomon provides business coaching services to women entrepreneurs looking to get the balance back into their lives and build a Higher Purpose Business. Together David and Michelle identified the business strengths and weaknesses and devised a strategy for success.

David says, 'The solution was to reconnect with the reasons why Michelle had originally started the business. We set goals and created a vision which totally aligned to the company values for the first time since the company had started, and then we built systems and processes to support that vision.'

The end result for both Michelle and the business was new energy, new goals, confidence in expressing the company's values and real conviction in the service provided to Michelle's clients. In essence, Michelle successfully revitalised her business with David's business knowledge, advice and support.

And Michelle couldn't be happier about her success. 'It can be totally invaluable to have this additional input from someone with expertise that can also see the business in a very objective manner and to have the ability to brainstorm and get access to someone with valuable knowledge and experience...David [took] the time to really understand me, so that he was aware of my strengths and weakness before we even started and he took the time to get to the core of the problem before even starting the coaching.'

For a free report titled 'A Successful Business and a Life – How You Can Have Both!' or to discover how David changes the life of female entrepreneurs through business coaching designed exclusively for women entrepreneurs, visit

Source: WebWire

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