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New Research Reveals Which Industries and Employees Are - Most Likely to Succeed in a Global Economy - -

Thu, 23 Feb 2012 14:45:23 EST

(GLENDALE, Ariz.) — The Najafi Global Mindset Institute at Thunderbird School of Global Management in Glendale, Arizona, has released the results of its findings for Global Mindset® based on the more than 13,000 people who have taken the Global Mindset Inventory (GMI) since 2008. The data was analyzed by the organizational level, industry, functional role, and age of employees.
As defined by the Institute, Global Mindset is a set of individual characteristics that help global leaders better influence others who are different from them whether at the individual, group, organizational or systems levels. An organization's Global Mindset is the sum total of its individual employees' global awareness and capacity to operate across cultures. Individuals and companies with a high global mindset are able to compete more effectively in a global economy.
The GMI is a psychometric assessment tool that was validated with representatives from over 62 countries. The 13,000 plus people who have taken the instrument come from more than 142 different countries. To compile the research findings and rankings presented today, the Institute analyzed the results of the Global Mindset Inventory and ranked a manager's capacity to thrive in unfamiliar environments.
According to the data:
Organizational Level: CEOs scored highest on the Global Mindset Inventory with an overall average of 3.86 on a 5.0 scale. GMI scores declined with each organizational level below CEO.

Industry: The telecommunications industry has the highest GMI score (3.71 on a 5.0 scale) and the defense industry has the lowest (3.55). Industries ranked from highest to lowest are:
            Telecommunications (3.71)
            Education (3.68)
            Consulting (3.66)
            Finance (3.64)
            IT/Technology (3.63)
            Utilities/Power (3.62)
            Health Care (3.59)
            Retail (3.58)
            Manufacturing (3.57)
            Defense (3.55) 

Function: Management professionals scored highest (3.74 on a 5.0 scale) and information technology workers scored lowest (3.47). Functions ranked from highest to lowest are:
            Management (3.74)
            Educator (3.70)
            Sales (3.67)
            Marketing (3.63)
            Finance (3.62)
            Logistics/Distribution (3.57)
            Operations (3.57)
            Human Resources (3.55)
            Research & Development (3.55)
            Information Technology (3.47)
Generation: Millennials (born between 1977 and1994) scored highest (3.72 on a 5.0 scale) and Younger Boomers (born 1955-1964) scored lowest. Generations ranked from highest to lowest are:
            Millennials (born 1977-1994), score of 3.72
            Silent Generation (born 1937-1945), score of 3.71
            Older Boomers (born 1946-1954), score of 3.7
            Generation X (born 1965-1976), score of 3.64
            Younger Boomers (born 1955-1964), score of 3.63
The Global Mindset Inventory will be among the topics presented at the upcoming 2012 Developing Leaders for Global Roles Summit, an international platform for new thinking, ideas and best practices related to developing global leaders and increasing their management effectiveness in cross-cultural environments. The Summit will take place March 15 and 16 at the Najafi Global Mindset Institute at Thunderbird School of Global Management in Glendale, Arizona.

The Summit will be a valuable source of information and insight for those responsible for building and developing global mindset in their organizations. Attendees will include: c-suite executives; chief learning officers; human resources executives; managers of leadership development, training and learning development; as well as those in mentoring and coaching positions.

For more information on the Summit or to register, click on the Summit button at

About Thunderbird School of Global Management
Thunderbird is the world's No. 1-ranked school of international business, with more than 65 years of experience in developing leaders with the global mindset, business skills and social responsibility necessary to create real, sustainable value for their organizations, communities and the world. Dedicated to preparing students to be global leaders and committed global citizens, Thunderbird is sought out by graduate students, executives and companies worldwide seeking to gain the skills for success in today's global economy. For more about Thunderbird, visit
For more information on the Najafi Global Mindset Institute at Thunderbird, please contact Joy McGovern, Head of Client Services, at or +1 (602) 978-7182.
For general media inquiries and information about Thunderbird School of Global Management, please contact Russ Phaneuf, Thunderbird's Senior Director of Corporate Communications, at or +1 (602) 978-7272 or Samantha Novick, Thunderbird's Public Relations and New Media Specialist, at or +1 (602) 978-7922.

Source: WebWire

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