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New Men's Style Blog features 'Attraction Fashion'

Mon, 27 Feb 2012 15:18:18 EST

Vince Lin and the Honeyplex crew recently launched a project that was a long time in the making: Vince was asked some questions about the newly launched site:

Q: What is Seducing With Style (SWS) about?
A: Seduce With Style is a new way of looking at fashion. Specifically, it's the process of how a men dresses to attract women. We wanted to make it easy to understand and master, and carry a new message that the current advice on men's style out there isn't sufficient in providing most men with the information they need to do this. The theories and techniques in SWS centers on evolutionary biology and attraction triggers. It was important to us that the content was thoroughly researched. Coming from the dating community AND having worked in the fashion industry, this was a unique cross section of knowledge that no one else has publicly made available.

Q: What's wrong with GQ, Complex, Details and the current men's style advice?
A: Nothing. They're great. The big style guides cover a lot on men's style. In covering so much material, they also don't focus on achieving a specific purpose. So what we have now is these big men's magazines that offer advice, and specific marketing messages from the big men's style retailers on what's fashionable season by season. It is hard to tell what exactly works as things change season by season. Real style stays the same, fashion changes.

If you look beyond the 'wear your dress shirt one inch longer than your suit jacket' advice, you'll start to see the underlying biological mechanisms for attraction, which none of these larger, more popular men's magazines explore.

Q: What are some of the most common mistakes guys make in 'Attraction Fashion'?
A: They don't realize the principles behind style, and therefore are always slaves to the 'new trend' or 'new fashion'. As I said, style is timeless. Also, if they actually understand the Style Attraction Switches, they can imitate a feeling instead of a look. For example, the man in a suit is presented as elite and dominant. The same feeling can be achieved by a rockstar avatar and a more rebellious look. Most people think they're complete opposites.

Q: Are men in other countries more stylish than those in the US?
A: According to my interviews with style consultants and female models, usually, yes. The US is a little 'sloppy', says one female stylist. However, that means there's ample opportunity for men to actually stand out and own a location. Men tend to be more fashion conscious in larger cities.

Q. What are your long term goals with the project?
A: To get version 2.0 of the book out, and build out a coaching program for future students. There's a long term learning curve and missing void in the community of guys that wish to improve their style, and in turn, their lives.

Contact Information
Vince Lin, Style Consultant

Source: WebWire

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