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'Usage of Traditional Media Falls as iPad Penetration Increases,' Says the Snugg

Thu, 19 Apr 2012 17:35:16 EST

A recent report conducted by Forrester with further analysis from Mashable has shown that after purchasing an iPad, consumer habits change drastically.
Tablet owner's find that checking email, social media sites and performing routine tasks is much quicker, thus siphoning their time away from their desktop and even their laptop computer. What is remarkable however, is how an iPad purchase can also change consumer spending habits.
The Snugg's Managing Director, Richard Mercer states: 'According to the research data, as many as a third of respondents say that they read fewer books and use their personal computers less frequently. One in four mention a decline in magazine and newspaper reading whilst one in five reckon that they use their mp3 player less often. What is surprising is that it doesn't seem to have had the same affect on TV viewing. Only 12% of survey respondents noted a decrease in viewing time, whilst 85% commented on how their iPad use compliments their TV viewing; tweeting about the latest dramas, or finding other interesting things to watch. Furthermore, iPads are also being used for increased video watching with 23% saying they use an app provided by their DVR or cable provider to view their favourite shows. Theses stats are extensive and can have profound implications on the design of our iPad 3 Case range.'
The effects of iPad usage do not stop there, after a tablet purchase, 45% of respondents claim that they're less likely to buy an ebook reader, whilst a third claim that they're less likely to purchase portable games consoles, small TVs or mp3 players. Predictably, app and ebook purchases are significantly more likely.
'Another thing that's starting to become even more mobile is work. Apps like CloudOn are bringing more and more work applications to the iPad, allowing users to edit documents, create new formulas and view presentations whilst also allowing documents to be stored in the cloud for use at the office; as well as providing email functionality so that these documents can be sent as attachments by email without having to leave the app. The beauty of Apps like CloudOn is that they utilise gesture control to enable the use of pre-existing applications without the need to rewrite them specifically for any one device. Such advancements will likely speed up the penetration of laptop and computer based applications into the tablet space, again affecting how users treat and use their iPads and tablets,' says Mercer.
Like mobile phones, iPads are quickly becoming essential life tools that will need ever present protection as well as accessories that improve the user experience. A durable and stylish iPad 3 Case is now a must; whilst additional features such as moisture resistance, elasticised hand straps and other useful addons will all help the iPad user to get more from their iPad usage.
'We understand that tablets are going to be common place in the next few years and so we're working towards designing iPad 3 Cases that will stand the test of time whilst remaining attractive and practical. We're currently expanding our range to include slimmer cases in a wider variety of styles and finishes so if you're looking for a new iPad 3 Case, visit us,' adds Mercer.
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About The Snugg:
The Snugg has been offering its customers the opportunity to safeguard their technological assets with stylish, quality cases since their formation in 2010. Based in Bolton, the company operates internationally across Europe, Australia, New Zealand, China and the US, becoming a best-seller in five territories.
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Source: WebWire

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