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Better With Friends: Craneballs Studios Launches Multiplayer Version of Overkill

Thu, 1 Mar 2012 09:47:41 EST

Las Vegas, NV – March 1, 2012 – Craneballs Studios LLC (, the developer behind successfulmobile games such as SuperFall, SuperRope, Blimp and others, today launchedthe latest version of its hit shooter game Overkill, now offering multiplayer competitions. With more than 7.6 million downloads on iOS and Android combined and a 4.5 star rating in the App Store, Overkill is one of the most popular first-person shooter games available for mobile devices.The latest version of the game, dubbed 'Overkill: Multiplayer,' sets a new standard of gameplay for the series as well as the entire genre.
Set in a futuristic, collapsed world, Overkill: Multiplayer pits two mercenaries against one another to see who can kill the most enemies in an attempt to restore peace and order. Players are instructed to kill enemies appearing on the battlefield in either blue or red outlines, but they must be careful to hit only the right colored enemy or risk getting penalized for their indiscretion. Certain targets, such as enemies outlined in white or special deliveries appearing in green boxes, are credited to whichever mercenary shoots them first. But players must watch out for stun grenades, flash bangs, airstrikes and other risks that threaten their life—as well as their opponent's. Players can compete against a friend or a random opponent selected through Apple's Game Center.
'As intense, thrilling and adrenaline-producing as the original Overkill is, the multiplayer version takes it to the next level,' said Martin Chamrad, co-founder and CEO of Craneballs Studios. 'Overkill: Multiplayer is the ultimate test of your reflexes, aiming skills, and ability to make snap decisions. The head-to-head competitions add a heightened sense of urgency to the game that makes it more challenging but also way more fun. If you like shooter games, you're going to love this one!'
Overkill: Multiplayer includes two tiers of gameplay. For less experienced players, the Novice Tier offers head-to-head battles featuring slower-paced enemies who require fewer shots to kill. Players are issued a standard UMP45 submachine gun with unlimited ammunition, and game play is limited to 90 seconds or 1,000 points per round.
More skilled players can upgrade to the Elite Tier, featuring enemies who are faster and harder to kill. Elite players compete using M16A4 SPECOPS rifles that can be upgraded to include additional stocks, magazines, scopes, foregrips and other accessories. Elite Tier competitions last up to 2,000 points. The Elite Tier can be unlocked for 30 Overkill Medals (OM) and includes leaderboards, flying drones, bonus boxes and other features not found in the Novice Tier. Additional tiers, such as the Sniper Tier, will be coming shortly.

After winning a certain number of matches, players can unlock premium upgrades to improve fire rate, accuracy, reloading or equip improved weapon sights. These upgrades can also be purchased using Overkill Medals, which can be obtained via in-app payments, by inviting friends to install the game, or by completing advertisements via Tapjoy's in-app ad marketplace.
Overkill: Multiplayer is immediately available for all iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch devices.The game can be downloaded through iTunes at
About CraneballsStudios
Craneballs Studios is a leading developer of mobile games on the iOS and Android platforms. Founded in 2008 by three friends with a passion for games, Craneballs has since launched more than eight games that have been installed by millions of loyal mobile gamers. The company's titles include Overkill, SuperRope, Monorace, Blimp, SuperFall, 33rd Division and others. Craneballs Studios is headquartered in Las Vegas, Nevada. For more information, visit
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Media Contact:                                              Company Contact
Matt McAllister                                              Martin Chamrad
Fluid PR                                                           Craneballs Studios LLC                          

Source: WebWire

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