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BP Settlement Pros and Cons Revealed by

Fri, 6 Apr 2012 12:17:24 EST

New York, NY -- has just published what they consider to be the primary advantages and disadvantages of the BP Settlement. According to the website, the BP Settlement can be a complicated process and it is therefore essential that everyone is fully aware of all the facts.

'The BP oil spill Settlement is considerably different to the GCCF process and is therefore very important to understand,' said a website spokesperson. 'The BP Settlement is run by local people and will be overseen by the courts. And to make sure the people are fully aware of the choices available to them, we have published our list of pros and cons of the settlement.'

A summary of the pros and cons of the BP Settlemen are as follows:


* When someone has opted-in to the agreement the decision is final and cannot be undone.
* The settlement does not benefit individuals within the oil industry.
* According to, 'the BP Settlement does not do enough to address the real sick people from the BP oil spill.'
* The settlement is not thought to address the quick pays wrongfully passed out in the seafood industry.


* The settlement is likely to most benefit intervals in the seafood and tourist industries.
* People operating VOO boats get 26 extra days pay, even if they only worked for 1 day.
* 21 years of medical monitoring for children affected by the oil spillage.
* Residents affected by the spillage are entitled to file for a loss of use and enjoyment claim.

In summary,  individuals should not opt-in to the BP Oil Spill Settlement until they have first spoken to their attorney.

To help individuals and families effected by the oil spillage to decide whether to take the settlement, the website have provided a simple web form that visitors can fill out to apply for a free case evaluation by an experienced attorney.

For more information on the BP Settlement, or to apply to receive a free case evaluation, visit

About  Us is an informational site that provides advice to individuals affected by the BP oil spillage. The website provides visitors with all the information that they should be aware of concerning the BP Settlement, as well as offering people the opportunity apply for a free BP Settlement case review.

Source: WebWire

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