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Purple Leads Offers New HARP 2.0 Lead Technology

Wed, 4 Apr 2012 15:08:58 EST

Purple Leads, America's premier lead generation company, is offering clients new HARP 2.0 Lead generating technology.

A Purple Leads executive said 'Purple Leads has always been on the cutting edge of lead generation technology. Now, we are bringing heightened screening procedures, unique tracking programs and more to our HARP 2.0 Lead generation.'

Clients have often commented that lead generation companies they hire give them the equivalent of phone books. Purple Leads works tirelessly to provide leads with actual names of actual people in need of our clients' services. With HARP 2.0 taking off, millions of Americans need help with refinancing their Sallie Mae or Freddie Mac mortgages. Putting our clients in touch with their target customers is Purple Leads' main priority.

New HARP 2.0 Lead Technology
While we protect the details from our competition, clients will benefit from increased screening techniques, state of the art Internet Portal usage and even new technology within the company. Clients often comment that Purple Leads is on the cutting edge of lead generation technology, and now the company is pushing the boundaries even further.

This new technology will allow the company to eliminate false leads, maximize the return on investment (ROI) of clients and provide great sales opportunities.

Clients looking to get an edge on their competition can turn to the brave new world of HARP 2.0 Leads generated by Purple Leads.

If you are interested in finding quality HARP 2.0 Leads, contact the Purple Leads team at 1-888-680-8282 or by going to today. The seasoned team of lead generation experts are standing by to help you find people who need your services.

About Purple Leads
At Purple Leads, we facilitate online and offline marketing campaigns to generate responsive leads for our clients. Some of our advertising mediums for lead generation include PPC (Pay Per Click) Internet Marketing, Television, Radio, and Bulk Mail. Purple Leads can deliver your leads via Live Transfer or Real Time Web. Live Transfers are always in high demand for many companies that have a trained sales team ready to close the next Hot inbound call.

Source: WebWire

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