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Individual Disposable Income Falls – Families Squeezed Harder For Cash

Fri, 30 Mar 2012 11:15:10 EST

Figures from the uk's Office for National Statistics (ONS) show that families now have less cash in their wallets in 2011 than they did in 1977. Families are having to find new ways to pay for unforeseen emergencies and life's luxuries. Poor credit ratings are hitting the worst off, but fortunately can help those most in need, regardless of their credit history.

LONDON, UK 29, March, 2012 – Disposable income for families is at its lowest level since 1977. announces a new way to access loans, even for those with poor credit history.

Figures just released from the Office for National Statistics (ONS) show that families across the UK are now worse off than at any time since 1977. Finding cash or obtaining a loan to pay for home repairs, vehicle maintenance, holidays and weddings is now harder than ever as disposable income falls to its lowest level in 35 years.
The Bank of England describes the situation as a 'ferocious' squeeze on families. The fall in disposable income comes after almost continued growth since records began in 1948, further highlighting the plight of many families.
Traditional ways of accessing emergency cash is through a loan, but many people have poor credit history or do not own their own home against which they can secure a loan. Logbook loan can help those in need of money through a loan secured against a vehicle.
People who do not own their own home or have a good credit rating can now borrow money against their car or other vehicle. Logbook loan uses an owner's vehicle to secure a short- or long-term loan that can be used at the borrower's discretion. To obtain a loan, the borrower simply needs to meet the minimum criteria to quickly release funds. Logbook loan only needs to see proof of vehicle ownership (logbook) to begin processing a loan.
The UK's Consumer Credit Counseling Service recognizes that some families are struggling to keep afloat in the current financial climate. The debt advisors acknowledge that 'budgets are still under significant pressure and the squeeze continues to do real damage. Households are swimming against a tide of falling real incomes and the high cost of living, and many are at risk of falling into serious debt as a result.'

About Us is there to provide short- and long-term loans to people with any type of credit history. All the borrower needs is ownership of a vehicle, because logbook loans are secured against the value of the car, van or motorcycle. That means even those with a poor credit history, or with little or no collateral, can benefit from a loan.
All the borrower needs to do to secure a loan from is meet some basic criteria which can be quickly verified online. Loans from just £500 up to £50,000 are available, and funds are released within just a few days. That's money that can be used for anything, from paying off existing loans, to purchasing a holiday, making home repairs or paying for a wedding.
The advantage of getting a loan through is that even with a poor credit history, borrowers can get the cash they need for life's luxuries and emergencies. They will not run a credit check on borrowers, and all potential borrowers need is to prove ownership of a vehicle against which the loan is secured.
All asks in return is that borrowers keep up their payments, have proof of income and ensure that the car is taxed and free of any financing.
Contact us for more information about logbook loans
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United Kingdom

Source: WebWire

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