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Commitment Announces the Safety of Exploding Targets

Wed, 28 Mar 2012 17:27:47 EST

It is quite disturbing that we are currently living in an age of information overload which can be pretty overwhelming.

Such exploding targets are usually a combination of two different chemical components which are used basically to practice firearms. They are also known as binary explosives and consist of a catalyst, oxidizer and proper packaging. A package consists of two containers with the catalyst composition inside one and the oxidiser composition inside another container. The exploding target recipe is made from the mixture these two compositions into the target container. This is just before using the target for shooting practice.

The unique feature of high quality targets is that they are very stable when subjected to less severe forces such as being dropped from a high altitude or receiving hammer blows. They cannot be ignited by any kind of electricity or flame. Thus such explosives are not flammable and many times safer than the ordinary black powder which is readily available. These targets usually detonate while producing a cloud of water vapour during the explosion which occurs at a high velocity. This could be easily seen from a long range. Thus, we do not need to walk over to make a close inspection. We can purchase these compounds without a license in US legally as they are not explosives unless mixed. 

There are many people who usually refrain from purchasing such targets from authorized retail dealers. It is due to the reason that such targets are quite expensive in nature. The prices range from $24 to more than $240. Thus, there are quite a few manuals and websites which provide detailed information on how to make such explosives at home. The danger lies in the fact that most of these homemade recipes can cause serious injury and even death. There have been many reports of unpatented products being made which are quite unstable and eventually lethal for the creator. People have also suffered permanent injuries while attempting to experiment on their own for the sake of fun.

While shooting from a long range, there is always a chance of a graze, miss, skip-fire or a glancing hit. In such cases, we should use a red duct tape to wrap the target to prevent it from leakage and spills. The real and patented products are quite stable and safe to use as it could be only activated by a high powered rifle round. Therefore, it is recommended for us to refrain using slow moving pistol ammunition or a rim-fire (small caliber) to detonate the targets. 

Exploding targets are safe and quite entertaining, but it is strongly recommended to exercise adequate caution while handling such products. Exploding targets can be termed as an adventurous sport which can become dangerous and even life threatening if precautionary measures are not taken.

Source: WebWire

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