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Stage Shredded Status Review And Discount Revealed For Vince Delmonte Workout

Wed, 28 Mar 2012 13:36:21 EST

After becoming a WBFF Pro Fitness Model, Vince Delmonte has released his exact workout blueprint, Stage Shredded Status to show how one can get the same ripped physique.  Delmonte states that this is his best and most comprehensive workout program to date and can help anyone get a more muscular body quickly.

A quick Stage Shredded Status review reveals that the program is a 8 DVD boxed set of 600 minutes of HD footage that covers the 16 week preparation leading up to Vince Delmonte winning his WBFF Pro Card.  The DVD's track his progress from the very beginning, with a physique assessment and program design, and then follow his whole journey of bulking up to 227 pounds and then shredding to 195 pounds and an incredible 4.8% body fat – all in 16 weeks.

Stan Stevenson of has written a complete Stage Shredded Status review.  "Personally this is one of the most comprehensive programs I have seen in a long time.  Most athletes do not share the exact workouts and the diet plans that they use pre-show to get really ripped.  It's not just some little worthless ebook.  It's great for anyone looking to get cut and perfect before Summer time.'

For those wanting a walkthrough of the program and a review of the program, on youtube there has been video created there that does just that.  One can go here to see the video: Stage Shredded Status

For a short period of time there is a large discount being offered on the program.  To get more information and take advantage of the discount one should visit

Source: WebWire

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