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Crossfit Training: Fitness for the Whole Family

Mon, 26 Mar 2012 09:40:23 EST

TEMPE, Arizona (March 26, 2012) Establishing or maintaining good health and fitness has been a challenge for many Arizona families. Recent studies indicate that the child hood obesity rate grew faster in Arizona when compared to all other states in the nation. An article published in the Arizona Daily Star states:
 'A new study published in the May 3 issue of the Archives of Pediatrics & Adolescent Medicine has some grim news for Arizona children. Nearly 18 percent of Arizona children are obese, and the rate of childhood obesity here rose by nearly 46 percent between 2003 and 2007, the new study says. Among Arizona girls, the rate rose by nearly 91 percent.'

The nationwide trend towards decline in personal fitness has families concerned about developing and maintaining a healthier lifestyle. The problem of inactivity in children also mirrors the same problem of too sedentary of a lifestyle within the whole family.  An article published by the Department of Public Health & Human Services emphasizes the value of healthy role models in the lives of children. "We are all role models for kids. While parents are children's first and most powerful role models, young people often copy the behaviors of other important adults, like grandparents, teachers, and coaches.' Implementing convenient and fun physical activity as a family with positive roles models involved can go a long way towards changing the tide of overall fitness.
Crossfit training has often been considered an option exclusively for elite athletes or intensive military training. An often-overlooked benefit to crossfit training is the adaptability of the crossfit training concept. Crossfit workouts incorporate gymnastics, balance, strength and agility moves requiring use of individual body weight rather than expensive, complicated equipment. Families who do not have the means to invest in expensive home weightlifting gyms or gym memberships can consider the convenient and affordable home based crossfit training option. Crossfit training incorporates Plyometric exercises (jump training) including balance practice and strength training.
Local business owners of Victa Creations LLC, Aaron Ormiston and Josiah Grimes, have recently created a home crossfit training program meant to benefit the whole family.  The American College of Sports Medicine considers Plyometric exercises to be a safe, beneficial and fun activity. These activities help to get the family off the couch and actively engaged in physical fitness, which has been determined to reduce weight problems and improve related health issues. A fit family is a happy family. An Article published by TLC entitled 'Is There a Link Between Exercise and Happiness?' emphasizes this point.
'There are certainly aspects of physical fitness that grease the skids of happiness. In addition to increased energy, physically active people may feel a sense of accomplishment in meeting personal fitness goals. But is there a direct link between exercise and happiness? We know that exercise has been shown to improve the sleep patterns of insomniacs, as well as lower their anxiety [source American Academy of Sleep Medicine]. Studies on rats indicate that exercise mimics the effects of antidepressants on the brain. Exercise is also responsible for the creation of new brain cells in the part of the brain responsible for learning and memory [source: Karolinska Institute]. Interestingly, happiness and exercise are similar in two notable ways: both are independently associated with a boost to the immune system, and also with the release of endorphins.'
Research also indicates that overall fitness results in fewer visits to the family doctor and an improved quality of life. Aaron Ormiston and Josiah Grimes understand the importance of implementing a convenient, affordable and effective crossfit training program into your life. With this in mind Mr. Ormiston and Mr. Grimes have created a personalized crossfit training resource at: This website offers ways to begin crossfit training, regardless of personal fitness level, at home using items in your home. For more information about how to get started contact Aaron Ormiston directly at 602-885-8271 or send him an email at Aaron has been a resident of Tempe for 12 years and has a local business office at 959 East Morningstar Lane, Tempe, Arizona 85283.

Source: WebWire

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