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Android Game Squared Gets Reviewed on the Miki Show

Mon, 26 Mar 2012 09:55:35 EST

Games For Your Mind's first Android game, Squared, has gotten an excellent review from the Miki Show. The Show is well into its third season and the latest episode features a short discussion on the pros and cons of Squared. The review is fair and notes that "Once you figure out how to play, its really fun." but also that it could use a better tutorial and some improved graphics. Overall the review is glowing and the always lovely Miki Ariyama shines as she reviews the game. The Miki Show focuses on original Android games and releases videos twice a week. With close to 1 million video views, the Show is gaining in popularity. 

Squared is Games For Your Mind's first Android game. It is a challenging and colorful puzzle game that involves the player arranging colored blocks to match patterns. The patterns change every turn so the levels are always unique. The strategic gameplay is augmented by the smooth animation and the level progression keeps the players looking for new ways to master the point system. As Miki says, Squared is "very challenging and mentally stimulating". For those who find the normal gameplay too easy, there is a difficult mode that increases the necessary points to pass a level. There is also a save feature that lets the user continue on from the highest level they have reached. The video review can be found at

Games For Your Mind has subsequently released two new games, Fuzz Ball and Battle Grid. The games continue the brain game theme and give the players plenty of fun ways to strengthen their minds. All three games are free and can be found at 

Source: WebWire

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