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Tim BrunsonIt's Your Life is all about real people living real lives. Join Dr. Tim Brunson, Clinical Hypnotherapist, as he hosts guests who talk about your health, happiness, and self-fulfillment.

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It's Your Life

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Joe Howell PhD Joe Howell PhD
Licensed Psychologist, Anniston, Alabama


After losing his adult son, Dr. Joe Howell developed a unique form of narrative therapy, which he calls "Sacred Stories." With these stories you may discover your essence. more

Richard Yates LPC Richard Yates LPC
Licensed Professional Counselor, Anniston, Alabama


Richard Yates is the author of the popular "Dating Tips" followed around the world on Facebook. He discusses how to stay in a relationship by maintaining your attractiveness.

Karen Sherman PhD MPH Karen Sherman PhD MPH
Licensed Psychologist, Long Island, New York


Too many people are still living life on "auto-pilot" based on the survival skills they learned as children. And although these tools were helpful back then, they no longer serve. Yet, these patterns are continued because they are comfortable. She discusses how to transcend the tendency to rely on these skills as you strengthen your relationships. more

Nancie Barwick PhD Nancie Barwick PhD
Clinical Hypnotherapist and Medical Intuitive, Fairfax, Virginia


Dr. Nancie Barwick was born with muscular dystrophy and spent most of her life in a wheel chair. After being treated with Conklin Method Cellular Cleansing, she is now totally well and is active in ballroom dancing. She discusses her journey and her continuing work both as a clinical hypnotherapist and as a medical intuitive. more

George Bien PhD George Bien PhD
Clinical Hypnotherapist, New York City, New York


Dr. Bien is regarded as one of the world's top experts on human transformation. He discusses how to elegantly work with others who may or may not recognize their need to change. He also covers organizational transformation. more

Lorna Bell RN Lorna Bell RN
Register Nurse, Certified Hospice Nurse, Dallas, Texas


While serving as a hospice nurse, Lorna Bell has amassed hundreds of stories about how a person prepares themselves for their eventual passing. Her journey has taught her considerably when it comes to how to live and the importance of spiritual health. more

CarolKershaw PhDBill Wade PhD, LPC, LMFT, Carol Kershaw PhD and Bill Wade PhD, LPC, LMFT
Carol is a Licensed Psychologist, Bill Wade is a Psychotherapist, Licensed Professional Counselor and Biofeedback expert


Neuroscience has discovered the "silver bullet" for transformation. With specific brain strategies, people can change anything, increase their business, financial, and life success. more

Fran O'Reilly Fran O'Reilly
Life Coach, Dublin, Ireland


85% of working adults eventually come to the conclusion that they are working in the wrong profession. If that happens to you, most likely you are not following the passion that first emerged when you were a young child. Fran O'Reilly shares with us how to get your life back on track. more

Coach Cary Bayer Coach Cary Bayer
Life Coach, Hillsboro Beach, Florida, and Woodstock, New York


Coach Bayer has successfully worked with over 300 alternative health care professionals helping them develop their practices. He discusses effective self-promotion through sharing. He comments are applicable to just about everyone who would benefit from self-promotion. more

Athena Demetrios Athena Demetrios
Author and workshop facilitator, Chico, California


Growing up in abject poverty, terrorized by a boarder who lived in the root cellar, Athena Demetrios repressed the memories, thrusting her into a downward spiral of melancholy and despair. Transcendence and healing would come through reliving her past through hypnotic regression. A powerful spiritual experience opened doors into other dimensions, which began an odyssey where truth became stranger than fiction. more

Sheriff Larry Amerson Sheriff Larry Amerson
Sheriff, Calhoun County, Alabama, President, National Sheriffs' Association


Law enforcement can play an active role in transformation of a community. In fact, they are the one governmental agency with the most exposure community-wide. Sheriff Amerson discusses his opinions on what it takes to transform a community in peril.

Eileen Bild Eileen Bild
Speaker, wellness coach, and healer, Jacksonville, Florida


After living for years with the disabling ravages of fibromyalgia, Eileen Bild decided that enough was enough. Listen as she shares how she attained her freedom by using non-traditional approaches. more

Debra Warner MS, MFT Debra Warner MS, MFT
Marriage and Family Therapist Intern, Westlake Village, California


Unresolved past traumas can affect the success of a marriage or any other relationship. Debra Warner discusses how she uses EMDR and her other skills to resolve past traumas. She also addresses the challenges of marketing a new clinical practice. more

Donna Mullinax MA Donna Mullinax MA
Educator, Jacksonville, Alabama


Donna Mullinax boldly states that she only had cancer for a few hours. Her insistence that she could defy the odds as she endured cancer treatment and survived was enhanced by her commitment and through the hypnotherapy support of Richard Yates, LPC.

Eric Peper Erik Peper PhD
Professor, Psychologist, Biofeedback expert, San Francisco, California


When diagnosed with cancer, most patients expect traditional approaches such as surgery and chemotherapy. Together with Robert Gorter, MD, Dr. Peper promotes innovative approaches designed to restore a patient's immune system while their mind is fully employed as a tool for healing. more

Joseph Giri Joseph Giri
Artist, Muralist, Piedmont, Alabama


When a community begins a downward path, their despair reflects the absence of energy. Public and community art is a way that transformative energy can be rediscovered. more

Roger Moore PhD Roger Moore PhD
Clinical Hypnotherapist, Seattle, Washington


Having once suffered from extreme obesity, Dr. Roger Moore has a passion for helping others shed their excess pounds. He combines his previous role working with developmentally challenged children and his doctorate in clinical hypnotherapy into a unique approach to weight loss. more

Alexandra Chalif MS, MP Alexandra "Shasha" Chalif, MS, MP
Hypnotherapist, NLP Master Practioner, Litchfield County, Connecticut


The mind affects the body and visa versa. Sasha Chalif is one of the leading proponents of the practice of mind/body medicine. She is a pioneer in the application of hypnotherapy and Neuro-Linguistic Programing in a hospital setting. During this interview she shares a unique calming breathing technique that she uses for herself and her clients. more

Nancy Stampahar Nancy Stampahar
Speaker and Seminar Facilitator, Pittsburg, PA


It's never to late to Get Happy. Nancy Stampahar was a late bloomer in ther thirties. She started out as an at-risk teen and high school dropout who hated life and herself. She now wows audiences as she relates how she turned lemons into lemonaide. more

Markus L. Horner Markus L. Horner
Tourettes Trifecta survivor, Dallas, Texas


Markus Horner has survived a lifetime of Torettes Trifecta having been fired from over 200 jobs. Now he is an established businessman, blogger and columnist. He coined the term "consistently persistent" to describe how he has defied the odds. more

Angela Godbout Angela Godbout
Internet Entrepreneur, Readsfield, Maine


Angela Godbout has survived child abuse, alcoholic parents, and the suicide of her brother. Now while coping with illness and disability in her family, she is facing foreclosure of a home that she and her husband have been paying for for over 15 years. Despite numerous reasons to be negative, she is growing a on-line business designed to help teenagers get a start in life. more

Victoria M. Reynolds Victoria M. Reynolds
Author, Speaker, and Filmaker. Redondo Beach, California


Victoria M. Reynolds is the author of “Transcending Fear: The Journey to Freedom and Fulfillment.” It wasn’t until she faced a mid-life crisis and her world began falling apart around her, that she discovered her childhood religious beliefs were still controlling her and preventing her from having a truly joy filled life. By tuning into her inner therapist she found healing and liberation from her fear-based beliefs and she found the happiness that had eluded her all of her life. more

Jason Mirikitini Jason Mirikitani
Assistant Pastor, Saint Louis, Missouri


On November 15, 2002, Jason Mirikitini car flipped 5 times, his wife died, and his skull cracked open... but he was rescued... Join him as he discusses his miraculous real-life journey that is both heart-wrenching and heart-warming... as he re-learned faith in a God that was present when He seemed most absent, hope in a God when He seemed most unreliable, and love for a God that seemed to leave him in the dark. This unbelievable story will grab you and not let you go... and leave you at the end with a refreshed sense of newness and trust in a faithful God. more

Fred Emmons Freda Emmons
Author, Inspirational Speaker, Troutville, Oregon


Freda Emmons survived physical and sexual abuse throughout her childhood, sought healing in counseling and faith in Jesus, and is now offering to others who are suffering in emotional pain the hope and healing that she found. more

Michelle Colon-Johnson Michelle Colon-Johnson
Publicist, Speaker, Author, Gulf Breeze, Florida


Michelle is a 5 time stage 4 cancer survivor, and mother to an autistic teenage daughter. Michelle shares with us how she got back up even when life knocked her down. more

Sheila Hageman MFA Sheila Hageman MFA
Author, Yoga Teacher, Stratford, Connecticut


Sheila Hageman is a 41-year-old author, women’s empowerment coach and mother of three children who has defied all odds who works to now help inspire and empower others with her story—she went from being a stripper and a nude model to college valedictorian, a yoga instructor and a mother. more

Catherine Lenard Catherine Lenard
Author, consultant (coach), seminar leader, Lakeside, Michigan


After her world went upside down during a devasting series of personal and professional losses, Catherine Lenard found her inner source of power and now teaches others how to do the same. more

Sophie Skover Sophie Skover
Holistic Life Coach, Author, Inspirational Speaker, West Palm Beach, Florida


Sophie Skover. “The Food Craving Coach” is the author of The Continuous Appetite, a holistic life coach, and inspirational speaker, who believes that you can heal from anything that comes your way. She is the founder of LSS Harmony Life Coaching, which helps people figure out what they want out of life and then how to get there. She became passionate about working with others after she healed from bulimia and lost seventy-five pounds through the process. more

Susan K. Zimmerman, LMFT, ChFC Susan K. Zimmerman, LMFT, ChFC
Licensed Marraige and Family Therapist, Chartered Financial Consultant, Apple Valley, Minnesota


Susan Zimmerman, a licensed marriage and family therapist and chartered financial consultant, helps people propel prosperity to new heights from the inside out. Her approach comes from personal and professional experience, beginning when she had to rebuild her financial and family life as a “suddenly single” person when her children were toddlers. more

John Hinds Josh Hinds
Author, Entrepreneur, Tuscaloosa, Alabama


From a learning disability to a reversal of his family’s fortune, Josh’s journey in life was filled with one obstacle after another. But by learning to see past the adversity and focus on a vision of what life could be, he overcame those hurdles to enjoy success. Josh now shares his experience with audiences in person and around the world to inspire them that they, too, can Live BIG! more

Akshay Nananvati Akshay Nanavati
Coach, Entrepreneur, Basking Rdige, New Jersey


After surviving war as a US Marine Akshay Nananvati continued to push himself to the limits by starting an adventure training company. He insist that "success lies just one inch beyond your limits." His coaching is designed around empowering people to make the choice to embrace the unknown and become aware of the infinite possibilities that lie waiting for them in the realm of uncertainty. He teaches people methods and strategies to move past fear and take that one inch beyond their limits. more

Christine Ferguson Christine Ferguson
Author, Speaker, Edina, Minnesota


Christine Ferguson faced a series of personal challenges including divorce, bankruptcy, and moving in with family. She felt like a failure and subsequently became suicidal. After accepting an offer to work with a leadership training and personal development company, their courses helped her become aware of her own power. This awareness became the pathway to her personal growth and spiritual journey, which led to the discovery of the brilliance within each of us.more

Ryan C. Lowe Ryan C. Lowe
Coach, author, and speaker, New Orleans, Louisiana


Ryan Lowe has personally been shot with a 12 gauge, had his home foreclosed, and lost his business. However, after experiencing all of that in life, he teaches us that it is our attitude that will get us through the valleys of life and how we must respond in a positive manner. more

Robin Marvel Robin Marvel
Author and motivational L speaker, Hersey, Michigan


As a child Robin Marvel experienced domestic violence, drug abuse, homelessness, and kidnappings. Today she shares how she turns any negative life situation that you may face into something that motivates and gives you purpose. more

Tera Maxwell Tera Maxwell, PhD
Energy coach, intuitive, and Simply HealedTM practitioner, Annapolis, Maryland


Dr. Tera Maxwell helps clients release limiting beliefs and emotional clutter from generational and childhood memories. Her energy work cuts to the root of self-sabotaging behaviors, so clients can soar in both business and life. Her message is simple: you can change! What happened in the past or in your family tree need not define you. more

Lisa Reed Lisa Reed, MS, CSCS, USAW
Certified Personal Trainer, strength and conditioning coath, IFBB Pro Fitness/Figure Copetitor, Alexandria, Virginia


Lisa Reed grew up in an athletic family. Earlier in life she had to go through numerous operations. Yet, she has always recovered and using her unique mental and physical regimen she has always returned to optimal health and conditioning. more

Michael Ellner Michael Ellner
Medical Hypnotist, New York City, New York


Michael Ellner's involvement with AIDS patients was soon recognized by the US National Institutes of Health. It is his belief that rather than focusing on how diseases are caused and how to handle the worst case results we should learn from those who survive and recover. Thus, we can apply these lessons to helping patients survive and recover. As one of the world's leading experts on medical hypnotherapy, he will share his views how anxiety and stress affect a person's health and well-being. more

Pamay Bassey Pamay Bassey
Author and Speaker, Chicago, Illinois


After having a difficult year, Pamay Bassey embarked upon a year-long journey as she committed to visiting a different place of worship each week regardless whether that place of worship reflected her personal religious tradition or not. As a result, in one year she visited 61 different churches, synagogues, mosques, and other sacred spaces in the United States, Mexico, the United States, Nigeria, and South Africa. more

Robin Mackey Robin Mackey MSW
Early Childhood Development Expert, Montgomery, Alabama


Changing a community in any lasting way involves an increased emphasis on early childhood development. This involves education and emphasizing emotional and social skills. Developing our youth is not just up to parents. It takes a community. Ms. Mackey speaks to groups all over the United States. She talks about different aspects of early child development and the roles of parents, community leaders, and early childhood professionals. more

Shade Ashani Shade Ashani MPH
Author, Speaker, Los Angeles, Louisiana


Shade Ashani is a young author who has written the story of her teenage life in hopes of beginning the conversation about the impact of fatherlessness on the next generation and what we can do to encourage healing. more

James Genovese James Genovese, LPC, LCADC
Licensed Professional Counselor, Clinical Alcohol and Drug Counselor, Atlantic Highlands, New Jersey


James Genovese converted unfairness and setbacks in his life into a positive, motivating force. He now rely on these lessons learned in helping his clients who struggle with esteem issues. more

Vicky Darden Vicky Darden
Cancer Survivor, Speaker, Ephrata, Pennsylvania


Having survived molestation, rape, domestic violence, and cancer a part of her healing process has been to coach survivors who are searching for some sense of normalcy in their lives. The intent of Unlimited Smileage is to give everyone the opportunity to be the change they wish to see in the world, to become a change agent. Vicky Darden provides stories of inspiration, kindness currency, resources and ideas to get them started on making a big change in their lives as well as the lives of others. Kindness is contagious. more

Suzanne Casemento Suzanne Casemento
Entrepreneur and Dating Expert, Los Angeles, California


Suzanne Casamento is the CEO of Suzanne is a dating expert, writer and speaker. Her mission is to empower women to take chances, build confidence and find love. more

Patryna Goosby Patryna Goosby
Poet, Songwriter, Author, Gadsden, Alabama


Patryna Goosby uses writing and teachings from spiritual leaders as her therapeutic release. She has gained a high level of healing and freedom from physical, verbal, sexual, emotional, and mental abuse as well as with the loss of her 6 year old son. more

Anna McCarthy Anna McCarthy
Author, Minister, Shawnee, Kansas


Anna McCarthy, survivor of abuse, domestic violence and various other heartaches in her life, discovered a way to not only heal from life's misfortunes, but has developed a four-step forgiveness process to find freedom from them. more

Rita Flegel Rita Flegel
Homeless authority, Anniston, Alabama


In many communities around the nation their homeless problem is misunderstood and underestimated by most people. While some homeless people are substance abusers and mental ill, most are economic refugees who are either unemployed or underemployed. Join us as Rita discusses the true nature of the problem and what can be done about it. more

Pat San Pedro Pat San Pedro
Media personality and executive. Coral Gables, Florida


When Pat San Pedro found out that she out that she had breast cancer, she decided to produce a documentary and write a book about her journey back to health. The documentary won an Emmy. She also discovered that her diagnosis was an opportunity to celebrate living. more

Katy Larsen Katy Larsen
Graphic artist, author and architectural renderer. Toms River, New Jersey


Five months into her pregnancy Katy Larsen gave birth to her daughter Hannah. Hannah was stillborn. The hospital staff failed to recognize the needs of a grieving mother and father. This experience inspired Katy to educate hospital staffs about the needs of mothers and fathers of stillborn children. She has gone on to console and inspire others who have experience such losses. more

Chris Vaca Chris Vaca
Entrepreneur, public speaker, trainer, and author. Fort Pierce, Florida


Losing hs mortgage business at age 56 was bad enough. But after also being evicted from his apartment, having his car repossessed and having to move in with his ex-wife for a place to live, Chris Vaca was at the lowest point of my life. Losing everything at any age is always bad, but when you are so close to retirement it is ten times worse. However, he found the courage to reinvent himself. more

Alexandra Chauran Alexandra Chauran
Author, fortune teller, and schizophrenia Survivor. Issaquah, Washington


In 2002 Alexandra was diagnosed with schizophrenia and endured much hardship. Today she is a happily married mom, a business owner, a multi-published author and a doctoral degree student. more

Christine Clifford Christine Clifford
Author, humorist, cancer survivor, Minneapolis, Minnesota


We’ve all met people who turn lemons into lemonade. It isn’t often that we get the privilege of meeting the person who builds the lemonade stand. Two-time cancer survivor and two-time divorcee Christine Clifford shares her stories of hope and laughter and how she turned some of life’s biggest adversities into thriving businesses and helps others find the humor in life’s predicaments. more

Donna Mae DePola Donna Mae DePola, CAC
Author, addictions expert, incest survivor. Brooklyn, New York


Donna Mae DePola, Founder and Head of The Resource Training Center / Resource Counseling Center, is an incest survivor who's father filmed the abuse from ages 4-17 and author of the book 12 Tins based on her experiences. Having been addicted to illegal drugs between the ages of nine and 35, Donna Mae discusses her recovery from her addiction and how she has helped others. more

Jim Stevens Jim Stevens
Sculptor, Martial Arts champion, Wheat Ridge, CO


Jim Stevens is an internationally known scrimshander, sculptor, author and registered Kennedy Center VSA Artist who has become successful in the art world despite the combat wounds that left him legally blind. more

Froswa Booker Drew Froswa Booker Drew
Author, Grand Prairie, Texas


In 2008, Froswa Booker Drew went to India as a part of a documentary called Friendly Captivity. The cast was comprised of 7 women who were ethnically diverse as well as from various socioeconomic stratas and age groups. The film was life changing and demonstrated to me that despite our desire to help abroad and the enormous need of resources, there are some serious issues in our country around gender, class and race. She also realized that we have so much in common and women need opportunities to talk and share in order to bridge differences. more

David Reddick David Reddick
City Councilman, Anniston, Alabama


In 2001, while serving as a young Navy Petty Officer, David Reddick, was in a severe motorcycle accident after which first responders were sure that he had died. Before the coroner pick up his body, someone again checked and found a faint pulse. David went on to recover and has since become an inspirational leader in his community and his city.

Leah Carey Leah Carey
Certified Personal Coach, Littleton, New Hampshire


Leah Carey is the Chief Miracle Officer of, where she writes about the large and small things that go RIGHT every day, as well as finding hope, strength and growth in the "stinky piles of poo" that land in everyone's lives. Far from being a natural optimist, Leah struggled with chronic depression for two decades and now delights in supporting others to discover what is RIGHT in their lives as well.more

Mindy Gilbert Mindy Gilbert
Animal Rights Activist, Jasper, Alabama


Changing cultural attitudes about the rights of animals and the responsibilities of owners is often an uphill battle. Mindy Gilbert has dedicated her life to improving the conditions of the animals in our lives, influencing legislation, and training law enforcement personnel.

Dilshad Dayani Dilshad Dayani, EdD
Speaker, Author, Diversity Consultant, Dallas, Texas


Dr. Dilshad Dayani has developed unique models of broadcasting, educating and coaching addressing diversity from holistic perspective called “Think Differently to Redefine Value”. After confronting personal challenges to find meaningful success in a diverse culture she found her bliss in empowering families, individuals and companies to develop cultural competency tools to strategize resources and cultural balance so they can find meaningful success. more

Tom North Tom North
Speaker, Author, Carmel, California


Tom North, one of 18 children, grew up in a family that was the inspiration of the hit movie Yours, Mine, and Ours starring Lucille Ball and Henry Fonda. The movie also led to the creation of The Brady Bunch TV program a few years later. This feel-good movie and TV show was based upon a situation where the children were terrorized by a violent sex offender. more

Daniel C. Lavery Daniel C. Lavery, JD
Civil Rights Attorney, Author, Granada Hills, California


Daniel Lavery's memoir traces his life from failures at college, hardships at Annapolis, near death in naval aviation and Vietnam, to finding his purpose as a civil rights attorney for poor farm workers for Cesar Chavez’s UFW in California against all odds. more

HillaryChollet Hillary Chollet, MD
Medical Doctor, Surgeon, Author, Studio City, California


Hillary Chollet, M.D. has been a trauma and vascular surgeon for 25 years. He was one of the first responders during the attacks of 9/11 and has been responsible for leading several medical missions to Kenya. He is a Fellow of the American College of Surgeons. White Coat and Sneakers is his first novel.

Jillian Bullock Jillian Bullock
Martial Artist, Author, Film Maker, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


Raped at age 11, growing up around the Italian Mafia, and homeless and a criminal at age 15, Jillian Bullock's story is one of tragedy, despair, and hope. She is the creator of Fighting Spirit Warriors, a fitness for self-defense program for girls and women. The program teaches females why it is vital to be fit and healthy in order to reduce their chances of becoming a victim or rape, sexual assault and domestic violence. more

Sandi Hutcheson Sandi Hutcheson
Novelist, Saint Novemberine, Florida


Sandi Hutcheson’s novel, Looks Great Naked, explores the struggles of Grace Adams, a woman on a journey of despair and hope after her husband is diagnosed a sex addict, that will empower people who are afraid to take off the masks society demands they wear. more

Craig DeMartino Craig DeMartino
Mountain Climber, Author, Speaker, Loveland, Colorado


After surviving a 100 foot groundfall while climbing in CO, Craig DeMartino was flight for life to the hospital where his back was fused, neck fused, and his shattered feet operated on. His right leg was amputated below the knee, and then it got bad. Dealing with chronic pain and a nerve disorder known as RSD, he returned to climbing 2 years after the accident. He has gone on to become the first amputee to climb El Capitan in Yosemite in under a day, led the first All Disabled Ascent of El Cap, and is a 5 time Gold Medal winner in the Extremity Games, the X Games for disabled. more

Sundi Jo Graham Sundi Jo Graham
Author, Branson, Missouri


Surviving sexual abuse, a broken relationship with my alcoholic father, abandonment, fear, pride, a food addiction, and more, God has given her a testimony to share with others seeking hope, including a 145 lb. weight loss, the publishing of her first book, and the ability to found an organization for broken women called Esther’s House of Redemption. more

Jim Epik Jim Epik
Author, Retired FAA Special Agent, Weaver, Alabama


Jim opens a candid discussion on the state of our nation’s security ten years after 9-11 by examining major vulnerabilities that the Department of Homeland Security, Congress, and the FBI have failed to correct. How easily would it be to launch another devastating attack on Washington D.C.? Jim’s straightforward description of a terrorist assault on our nation’s capital city will change your perception of how safe we are as a country.

Lee Gale Gruen Lee Gale Gruen
Author, Actress, Los Angeles, California


After retiring as a probation officer in California, Lee Gale decided to attend an acting class. Her experience was so profound that she soon invited her 85 year old recently widowed father to accompany her. Until his passing a few years later, they became an acting team. Lee Gale continues to work as a professional actor in the Los Angeles area. more

Ralph Baker Ralph Baker
Author, Financial Analyst, New York City, New York


Founding the New York Shock Exchange in 2006, Ralph Baker would spend practices with his inner-city youth basketball team, including his own son, working his players on basketball drills followed by a quiz on stock choices, analyst reports and percent growth rates. Yes, people thought he was crazy...until the economic collapse. more

Spike Spencer Spike Spencer
Author, Voice Actor, Los Angeles, California


After a divorce and a bankruptcy, Spike Spencer moved to Los Angeles determined to recover as a voice actor. Now this multi-faceted "hyphen" is well know in the animation community while making a splash as a dating advisor. more

Andrea Caesar Andrea Caesar
Author, Lyme Disease survivor, Wolfeboro, New Hampsire


Andrea Caesar's goal is to humanize Lyme Disease and give the general public an idea what is it like to be a patient of an invisible disease that is virtually unrecognized by the traditional medical community. She speaks from the patient’s point of view as a patient of Lyme. She says that you must become your own best advocate, expert and researcher. more

Karen Purcell Karen Purcell, PE
Author, Electrical Engineer, Reno, Nevada


Professional Engineer Karen Purcell, founder founder, owner, and president an award-winning electrical engineering, design and consulting firm, is on a quest to help women bridge the gender gap in STEM fields. more

Marc Lapointe Marc Lapointe, MA
Author, Educator, Abbotsford, British Columbia


Marc Lapointe is the founder of Acumen Education, an education consulting firm that provides consulting, planning, and tutoring services for families with children in the elementary grades. He was a classroom teacher with experience teaching in elementary school, middle school, and high school, teaching math, science, and English. more

Bill Sims Bill Sims
Author, Management Consultant, Columbia, South Carolina


For nearly 30 years, Bill Sims has created behavior-based recognition programs that have helped large and small firms to deliver positive reinforcement to inspire better performance from employees and increase bottom line profits. A sought-after speaker, he has delivered leadership workshops and keynote speeches around the globe, and has built more than 1,000 positive reinforcement systems at firms including DuPont, Siemens VDO, Coca-Cola, and Disney. more

Louis Hutchinson Rev Louis Hutchinson PhD
Author, Minister, Corporate Executive, Upper Marlboro, Maryland


Having suffered tremendous hardships before ultimately becoming a leader in his church and within the Fortune 100 corporate world, Dr. Hutchinson’s goal is three-pronged: a digital framework for combating social injustice that mobilizes ALL through advocacy, global resource collaboration, and sacrificial love. more

Maura McEnaney Maura McEnaney
Journalist, Author, Medford, Massachusetts


Pulitzer Prize winning journalist Maura McEnaney profiles the larger-than-life story of midwest businessman, Willard Garvey, who had a front row seat to many of the most important events of 20th century American history. more

Paul J. Dunion Paul J. Dunion, LPC, EdD
Counselor, Author,North Franklin, Conneticut


How can we create an authentic compassion for ourselves without falling prey to self-indulgence and narcissism? A significant life’s task is to develop this kind of personal benevolence and continue to strengthen our capacity to offer compassion to others. more

Kinja Dixon Kinja Dixon
Master Salesman, Brooklyn, New York


Kinja was the 2013's Top Sales Executive in the World according to the Stevie Awards and the American Resort Development Association. He retired in 2013 from a record breaking sales career to help increase self- production in as many people as possible with motivational speaking, consulting and writing. more

Mona Fuad Mona Fuad
Author, Actress, Entrepreneur, Houston, Texas


Mona was born in Alexandria, Egypt and, at age 16, won a national beauty contest and would go on to become a future Miss Egypt. Her career then turned to film as Mona appeared in both Egyptian and American films. After moving to the U.S. with her husband, Mona, who speaks six languages, founded the first acrylic nail salon in Dallas and helped define the landscape of the now over $35 billion nail industry. more

Peter Leeds Peter Leeds
Author, Penny Stock Expert, Port Perry, Ontario


Peter breaks down the basics of investing in penny stocks, introducing you to the concepts needed to become successful: risk-free paper trading, tactics of the pros, the best markets, effective due diligence. He reveals how you can very easily avoid the scams and pitfalls often riddling this unique investment strategy. more

John Phillips John W. Phillips LTC (Retired)
Author, Retired Army Officer, Atlanta, Georgia


Veterans transitioning from the military to a civilian career face an unfamiliar challenge. While each service member exits with a certain rank and awards and decorations, these honors they have worked so hard for do not easily translate into the private sector. Retired U.S. Army Lieutenant Colonel John W. Phillips has experienced, first-hand, the challenges faced by veterans who make this transition. He hopes to help other veterans with their own transition. more

John Canfield John Canfield
Author, Business Coach, Holland, Michigan


John presents solid strategies and tools to improve an organization’s performance by deliberately supporting more effective thinking with all leaders and employees. Thinking and intelligence are different. Intelligence is innate capability, and thinking is how you use it. As a skill it is improvable. What differentiates great and not-so-great companies is how they think, and how they help all their employees learn to think more effectively. more

Mandee Heller Adler Mandee Heller Adler
College Advisor, Author, Miami, Florida


A expert college counselor and founder of International College Counselors, Mandee provides parents and students with the tools and resources they need to understand and navigate the college admissions process. She specifically addressing the needs of public school students and their families. more

Terri Fedonczak Terri Fedonczak
Author, Actress, Teen Coach, Pensacola, Florida


With 22 years of parenting experience and a certified life coach specializing in parent and teen coaching, Terri Fedonczak wants to live in a world where girls recognize their own power and choose to use it for good. On a trip to South Africa, Fedonczak witnessed the power of lionesses as they supported each other within the pride; it was a lightning bolt of realization, leading her on a mission to bring the power of the pride to girls/boys and their parents. more

Chris Saade Chris Saade
Author, Psychotherapist, San Diego, California


Chris Saade believes that the world is at a turning point due to a second wave of spiritual activism. Having survived protracted war in Lebonon, he experienced numerous incidents of spiritual awakening, which inspired desires to make the world a better place. more

Mandy EppleyChris Saade Mandy Eppley and Chris Saade
Psychotherapists and Grief Experts, Charlotte, North Carolina and San Diego, California


Inspired by their work and own personal experiences with loss, Saâde and Eppley created this 7-step process to guide those dealing with grief toward the special gifts that can be found in this process. more

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One in 68 children born in the United States has autism spectrum disorder (ASD)

Don’t Wait, Vaccinate: Protect Infants from Deadly Diseases

It may seem like diseases like polio, measles and whooping cough are a thing of the past.

What to Know Before You Replace Your Home's Siding

The type of material you use can impact durability, beauty and even energy efficiency.

Problems with Phone Service Persist Across the Country

Whether you’re on the calling or receiving end, problems with telephone service can be frustrating.

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